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19th-21th July 2024


Galopprennbahn, Bad Doberan

Galopprennbahn, Bad Doberan

Good News

Z #33


dear Zappanale fans,
the lineup is filling up and we are pleased to give you the following update on the provisional bands for the # 33rd Zappanale

Frank out & Napoleon Murphy Brock
David Cross Band
Pygmy Twylyte
Yuval Ron Trio
Jeff Hollie Quartet
Compound Chemistry
Fused Trio
Blanck Zappath

Music is the best! 

Your Zappanale Team

You can get your tickets at the arf shop

"Zappa Time"
Next program 07.01.2024 at 8 pm
moderated by
(Steffen Schindler)

Tickets & more

Dear Zappanale fans,
As we already announced in our last newsletter, we have adjusted the camping prices to the new general conditions for economic reasons.
Every guest using the campsites needs the combination of:
Camping Ticket + Parking Pass (either Green or Sun Camp) see below.

Every guest using the campsites requires a "Camping Ticket". This camping ticket is valid for 7 nights, from 16.07.2024-22.07.2024. The price is a flat rate of 69 €, regardless of how long the campsite is used, and is valid for the Green Camp and Sun Camp.

Parking Pässe

Parking passes
Sun Camp
Each vehicle requires a parking pass for Sun Camp.
The parking pass for Sun Camp costs €50. It is valid for any type of motor vehicle: motorcycle, car, minibus or motorhome. In addition, a tent, gazebo (3 x 3 m) or trailer can be placed next to the vehicle. Each guest also requires a camping ticket.

No electricity connection is possible at the "Sun Camp".

Green Camp
Each vehicle requires a corresponding "Parking Pass" for the Green Camp. The parking pass for the Green Camp costs €80. It is valid for any type of motor vehicle: motorcycle, car, minibus or motorhome. In addition, a tent, gazebo (3 x 3 m) or trailer can be placed next to the vehicle. Electricity within a radius of 50m is included. Each guest also requires a camping ticket.

The number of Green Camp tickets is limited, first come, first serve.

Obituary Z #32 and preparation Z #33

Dear Zappanale fans!

we are so happy that you accepted our offer “Online Festival Ticket PrePre Sale” for Z #33 so enthusiastically! The “Ticket PrePre Sale” went brilliantly and we are looking forward to many more enthusiastic fans and visitors next year! In the meantime, a lot has happened in the background, even more than in previous years. ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌

 ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ 

Obituary Z #32

In the meantime, a lot has happened in the background after this year's festival, even more than in previous years. As you know, there are many challenges and changes in the world. This doesn't leave us untouched either. We were allowed to look inside ourselves again and also look into the back rooms of the festival organization, because there were a lot of things there that we had to take a close look at this time. 

Read more

We would like to inform you as a supporting community - because we also see you as shareholders in Frank's life's work. It is important to us to hear your voices and get your ideas, because only together with you the Zappanale will become what it is.


Here is a report from Wolfhard: 

Unfortunately, the Zappanale 2023 was a financial fiasco. In 2023 we realized a loss of around €150,000, which is €30 per day per visitor. 

Over the many past years, as a successful entrepreneur, I have always been able to sponsor a not insignificant part of the coverage gap, true to the motto “ownership obliges”... However, there are corporate changes that will no longer allow me to do this in the future until further notice. 

The reason for the massive gap that arose in 2023 was cost increases in all areas, wages were massively increased, inflation hit the purchasing of goods and energy, travel and the entire logistical area became more and more expensive, just like you all experience in your private lives. 

This poses new challenges not only to the Zappanale, but also to many other festival organizers, to which we must now react proactively so that we achieve our goal to experience the Zappanale forever, or at least until its minimum duration, which has been proclaimed for decades, the age of the GDR.

Other festivals, for example in the jazz sector or other mainstream festivals, are sometimes sponsored on a large scale and can therefore continue to make their admission prices attractive. Unfortunately, the small group surrounding the master has not yet been able to generate such sponsorship.

Therefore, the entry prices for the Zappanale have always been at the upper limit, except for the discounted tickets, which we were able to keep lower through a few other major sponsors. 

It doesn't get us anywhere if some fans hold me personally responsible for the high prices. As organizers, we do not live in a bubble and have to include the resulting costs, which we have already mentioned above, in our prices or bring about changes in the organization. 

Added to this is the rapid development in our world, which with its crises and wars is causing further uncertainty and fears for the future for many. Orientation in our society is becoming increasingly difficult due to the increasing crises. 

In order to ensure that things continue positively, it is necessary to implement a whole package of measures. As always, looking outside is often helpful.

How do global companies like “Live Nation” solve these challenges in the festival market?

  • Our research has shown that they charge standard market prices for camping at their high-quality events and that these are also paid. In the future, we will therefore be guided by the camping prices of festivals such as “Rock am Ring”, “Hurricane”, “Ikarus Festival” and “Night of the Prog”. 


  • We are applying for government funding, which will be set up as a fund for smaller festivals next year.

  • We will implement the construction of the world's largest Frank Zappa museum, which we announced this year, with full enthusiasm. On the one hand, we want to give the master's work the framework it deserves, and on the other hand, we also want to contribute to the preservation of the festival through entrance fees, donations and other income. For this purpose, we will sit down with some new experts and get advice, as our current lead project developer Kathrin Jerjomenko is currently going on her well-deserved maternity leave and will be supporting us again starting next year.

  • We will generate funds through a global crowdfunding campaign that will enable us to continue to maintain our common goal. Here too, you can support by forwarding, sharing and participating. Crowdfunding means collecting money from private supporters for a project via special online crowdfunding platforms, just as Alex Winter once did for his Frank Zappa film:


  • We won't give up the special social character of the Zappanale - we won't exclude anyone. The social ticket remains intact.

Really good news at the end:

Our team and I are doing well. I have more than enough strength and energy for our common goal of honorably commemorating the master, and because of the end of my entrepreneurial activities, I now have much more time to advance the needs of the Zappanale.

That's why I ask you all to support my team and me in keeping the Zappanale established as the central forum for the Zappaists. 

To achieve this, we will all have to stick together and, together with other fans, create a place that honors the master.

We will achieve this goal, which is why we founded "Zappanale eG", which aims to permanently establish Bad Doberan as the global center of the Frank Zappa remembrance culture.

Tracy and I will get back to you about this as soon as possible. 

You know that it has always been and remains my goal that the Zappanale will exist longer than the GDR. 

It will happen if we all really want it – and, without a doubt – I do!!

How do you feel about it, do you want it too?

Then all we have to say at this point is: Music is the best!

Your Zappanale team

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dive into the world of "the other people"

Dedication Frank Zappa monument

Vaclav C.

Candy Zappa

Bob Zappa


Some fan crowd and this music keeps tight.

Actually, the faeces are the contrast medium solution in our vigorous body and Frank Zappa is my positive contrast medium that I have incorporated into my body. Frank Zappa has his very own pedestal now that being dead is so easy to be. Will he see him again, the visitor to this town by the sea? He should smoke and wear a pen; both are granted. Because every arrival presumes a confusion, there are many who carry another with them. The fan and his idol depict the idol and himself, inside and further out in this town by the sea.
Everyone knows his city. It was Baltimore where Frank Vincent Zappa was born and it is Hollywood that Zappa died within perceptible proximity. Was it really like that? Didn't I just see Frank Zappa here on the horizon in a rare (but what can be rare here) in the middle of a mirage? Hi, Frank..."It can't happen here!" But this city hasn't pretended anything, many have erected a bronze bust of Frank Zappa here. It is very real and not a mirage when a human approaches from the far-off part of a landscape, as many, far too many have done that day.

Read more

Americans, English, Czechs, Hungarians, Brandenburgers, Saxons, just Zappa fans. It's possible here in the east that fans keep that particular Z-cult alive with all its outsider airs, but there never would have been a band Mothers Of Invention in a small town eastbound. Here, in addition to the conviction, it was the reality that cynically stood by, confiscated ZAPPA's crazy records and simply took the guy who was listening to this music out of life. Because every authority has understood their meaning very well, not only because Zappa's attitude can be heard clearly. This meteorologist's son was a terrified citizen and kept his head up. Even then, when Zappa was finally able to rise from the underrated US underground to the outstanding moment of pop culture with hits like "Bobby Brown" and "Valley Girl".
Yes, the renewed Ur - Vater - Mirage of the counter-culture stands here in the far north in the heat and in the sand. Frank Zappa has his very own pedestal - now that everything is so easy, everyone in this place revolves ABSOLUTELY FREE around this man from hell. There are freaks surrounding his current state with beer and banners. The plush parrot above his marble skull snarls arf-arf-arf when siblings Bob and Candy Zappa pull the sheet off the bust. Some have tears in their eyes, others touch their taches as if to assure themselves that they are present. But since local politicians don't fit into any Zappa mirage and don't even make a local absurdity with their parade of congratulations and memorial stones, they, like the vegetables at their feet, make their way into a glorious perspiration. Everything goes to the veterans of the band Mothers Of Invention "Thank you, Frank, for being different". Here, too, Frank Zappa remains a critical person, who wasn't always easy and sometimes a little weird! Says who?
An American on site translated: "A visionary human being!" and what next? Many years ago, a young K. heard the first Zappa record in this place. In 1990 this Mr. K. founded the Zappanale, and the Arf-Society became the registered association for Zappatists, soon all over the world. This gigantic growth really tempted to erect a monument to the idol, yes, a monument as absurd as a mirage....because a Zappa monument appears on a blue-curved surface here in the middle of the town by the sea... But for every Zappa fan, the senseless is just another air of grace on this stage of in-significance.
So the chronicle says: culture committee-city council-citizen discussion-monument dispute! Yes, give us a bust for the folk poet E.W.! But don't we finally want something unreal absurd? Yes, of course. In the end, the elevated policy unanimously agrees. Very Zappa established.
... yes, let the Czech Vaclav C. model a little Frank Zappa for us, in final artistic quality, so this fellow artist and fan freak makes it real.
Everyone coming from the train station has to pass him. The dead live, but it's good to be dead once in a while. But Zappa laughs from his all-too-bar-squatting pedestal, and he's by no means embarrassed when he's kissed early in the morning. In the spa gardens of the freshly recovered worker from the old days and always with a cathedral on his back, in a town by the sea. Alas, in its affection East, like West, like North and South, was overripe for the Zappa Frank asteroid, which in meaningful association made unique records, the meaning of which is understood because every kind of hidden subtle mockery is clearly translatable. Zappa's philosophy still orbits our planet in its own insulting way. But also Zappa comes from reality, and the power of all his works comes from the protection of his extended family. Even now, it is as imperturbable as a whale soaring into the sky.
Will I dream? This year at the racecourse of a town by the sea at Zappanale number 13?
There will be e-guitar solos again, which don't have a pre-existing, but an open form, and all the bands with mirage like names like the Lewinskys, Landplage, Beistelltische, Dwarf Nebula, Cosmic Debris, Ozric Tentacles...
Without this attitude, the special cult surrounding rock star Frank Zappa would never be so new and would never be proof that a freak was present here at the Zappanale in a town by the sea. In the summer sun festival, directly behind a mirage. Because Frank Zappa used to hire every musician, then completely revamp them and throw them out again - Arf.Arf.Arf - many personalities exist in his Zappa-cunning name today.
There's Ike Willis and Don Preston, Roy Estrada, Mike Keneally, Bob and Thana Harris, Napoleon Murhy Brock, and the Indian Jimmy Carl Black. Everyone celebrates the songs properly and without hesitation in the confusion on stage.
I see someone dancing to the rhythm here in the background, singing along to every word to the letter, even though he can't sing or dance.
This rock 'n' roll is common to all. Everyone plays the Zappa song. He now stays everywhere all over the little town by the sea.
"Are there pigeons in Bad Doberan?" asks someone from the Zappa clan in the state-approved spa, yes there is...some fan crowd and the spirit of Frank Zappa, sent out over all of us. But the rest of the world seeps indignantly into shared toilets, from the walls of which Zappa can look down on every excitement.
"Stick it out."
Frank Zappa-1940-1993
A. Cant 2002

Zappa "nale" is everywhere a little in Bad Doberan

monument preservation

Music is the best!

Journey / Overnight stay

Overnight stay
On the terrain

When arriving at the terrain, the question arises: Sun- or Greencamp? Each has its advantages. The Sun-Camp is brighter during the day, the GreenCamp darker at night. The on-site guides will certainly help you decide.

The campsite is equipped with sanitary facilities from Wednesday to Monday. Please check the current announcements.


You prefer a real bed? Bad Doberan and the surrounding region offer accommodation in all price categories. The Zappanale takes place in a summer vacation region, so you have a clear advantage as an early booker. Please ask at the tourist information.

by train

Whether you are coming from Hamburg, Berlin or Bratislava, heading for Rostock is the right decision. If Bad Doberan is indicated as the next stop, this is the time to prepare for the exit. When you arrive in Rostock, get on the next regional express in the direction of Wismar, which you then leave in: Bad Doberan.

From there you have several options: Traditionally with the Molli train, it stops directly at the festival area, or you can get a ride from one of the easily recognizable Zappanale fans. You can meet them at the Zappa monument or at the nearby supermarket - both are five minutes away from the train station.

by car

Your navigation device will surely bring you to the racecourse (54.124677,11.869512) in Bad Doberan. If you don't have a navigation system: Exit Bad Doberan, direction Bad Doberan/Heiligendamm.

  • from direction Hamburg/Hannover:
    A1 towards Lübeck, at the Lübeck interchange take the A20 towards Rostock, exit Bad Doberan.
  • from Berlin:
    A19 in the direction of Rostock, at the Rostock interchange take the A20 in the direction of Lübeck/Wismar, exit Bad Doberan.

In Bad Doberan - at the first major crossing with traffic lights - turn right in the direction of Kühlungsborn/Heiligendamm and pass the Frank Zappa monument (about 100m after the crossing).

The racecourse is halfway between Bad Doberan and Heiligendamm, first you have to pass the festival area. If you are not the first, this is easy to recognize. In the following traffic circle you take the last exit and can slowly switch to live music mode.


If you would like to make yourself comfortable on a back seat, look for a ride share. Either via the community or e.g. here:

by plane

You arrive by plane? Then Hamburg oder Berlin (Tegel/Schönefeld) are the airports from which Bad Doberan can be reached the fastest. By train it takes about 3-4 hours from both airports.

There is a smaller airport in Rostock (about 50 km from Bad Doberan), which is mainly used by domestic airlines.

With the Molli

We are very happy about the establishment of our special stop, which is set up by the Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli GmbH especially for the Zappanale.

We would like to thank them very much for this!

For all campers, you can arrive already from 07.07.2023 with the Molli to the Camping place.

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