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Dear Zappanale fans!

That‘s right, you heard right: Zappanale will happen. However, due to the pandemic, not in the usual way, but as an "online festival". So you don't have to go away empty-handed this year. The Zappanale team is working on an “online version” of the festival. The grounds can be visited virtually, concerts take place on both stages. World stars such as George Duke, Jean-Luc Ponty and Alice Cooper have already come and gone here, but volunteers from the audience made their big appearance too.

The virtual Zappanale is supplemented by current contributions from this year. The beer stand, dealer stands, arf shop, arf tent and the exhibition will also be opened virtually. Die-hard fans will be able to experience the longed-for “zappaesque” weekend. Everyone else has the opportunity to get to know the Zappanale.

Some fans still want to spend their planned vacation an the Baltic Sea during the "Zappanale period". We would like to point out that we have NO permit to camp on the site this year. Currently there is a drive-in cinema on the "Suncamp". So if you come to the Baltic Sea for camping, please remember to take care of a camping site or parking space for your motorhome at some other location.

Of course, the postponement of the festival is something we have never had to deal with and financially we will not be able to get away with it, but the Zappanale will survive this crisis. Nevertheless, we have costs that have arisen and continue to arise.

We will remain in the festival market, we have promised to continue until we are older than the GDR  The planned program with Dweezil Zappa, John McLaughlin, Mike Keneally and many others is now to take place in the summer of 2021.

As announced in our last newsletter and on social networks, the 2020 tickets will remain valid for 2021 and will not be exchanged for cost reasons. The ticket prices will remain for the time being. Some bands have already confirmed for 2021, recently Mike Keneally. Dweezil had already expressed his interest when he canceled the European tour.

We are curious in every aspect what changes to the festival landscape are to be expected. The festival suppliers will raise their prices to compensate for the losses they have suffered (we have already received the first announcements) and the conditions for festivals will certainly be challenging us. We are the only festival that offers special prices to Hartz IV recipients and socially disadvantaged in order to grant all fans access to the Zappanale. In individual cases this goes up to a one-time free visit in cases of hardship. The Zappanale is also characterized by a community in which the financially better-off visitors support other, socially disadvantaged visitors.

A few festival visitors have already offered to waive their tickets. We were very happy about it. If you have any plans for this, please contact us at

We have also been asked about financial support options.
You can support the Zappanale by

  1. Account: MC Veranstaltungsservice/Zappanale
    IBAN: DE41 1305 0000 0200 0131 30
    Reference „Zappanale“
  2. PayPal to
  3. ArfShop
  4. We will also have a limited collection of Zappanale #30.5 t-shirts produced. This t-shirt is intended as a special support for the festival, so the price is 80, - €/pc.
t shirt z30 5

Fans who donate their ticket will receive a free t-shirt and a small give-away from the Störtebeker brewery. You can pre-order the t-shirt through the Arf Shop, and we will send it in time so you can wear it for Zappanale #30.5.

This year we are will be in Bad Doberan with our hearts, the virtual platforms make it possible, and next year we will all be together on the premises again and celebrate the Zappanale with great music and organic beer.

Music is the best!
Your Zappanale team

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Zappanale #31

17. - 19.07.2020
The Torture stops in 51 days!
16. - 18. July 2021
The Torture stops in 415 days!