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The vision of founding a ZAPPA MUSEUM is gaining momentum! The 2023 Zappanale Festival was not only an event for Zappa fans and music enthusiasts, but also the beginning of an exciting journey to create a very special museum. The organizers already announced their intention to make the vision of an international place of pilgrimage in the “Zappaversum” a reality in the Zappanale newsletter before Zappanale #32.
The challenge should be: From your point of view, what does a Zappa-Museum need to do justice to the claim of an international pilgrimage center and to convey compact knowledge about Frank Zappa for future generations? The project development started in a zappaeske manner and was accompanied by the design thinking expert Kathrin Jerjomenko at this year's Zappanale. Two locations with information stands were inviting the visitors as contact points to the very well-attended exhibition in Bad Doberan and to the “ZAPP IN” on the festival grounds. All those with a calling, those interested and those who gave impetus were able to find out more about the existing idea of the museum. A new newsletter is also in the starting blocks (see below/ imprint).

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"I think that people are entitled to be amused and entertained. If they see deviations from this classical norm, it's probably good for their mental health." (Frank Zappa)

With this quote Wolfhard welcomed all Zappanale fans to the festival ground this year. Then he told about his dream to found a Zappa-museum and how it came to be. There is so much stuff from Frank all over the world, he had completely underestimated that when he started collecting himself. His own collection became gigantic and of inestimable value to him and to the world.
For the world, how does the world get this collection? This is Wolfhard's vision.... A living museum with café, films, events and the history of Zappanale. A place with the collection of the master's music, his history and musical genius. Artists and small groups
who paint or otherwise artistic Zappa can exhibit their works in the museum. The museum should be the magnet of all international Zappa-cells. Wolfhard wants to bring together people with a cosmopolitan passion. He cannot organize, finance and design such a project alone, he can only provide the framework for it.
“We are happy that some of you have already signed up to support this project in different ways.”
Numerous people took part in an open survey, brought in ideas and provided inspiration for the emerging concept. The interest, enthusiasm and support was overwhelming. Exhibition items have been suggested to be transferred to the museum and potential members of the project team have even signaled their interest. We are now also inviting every reader of the Arf-Dossier to contribute further ideas, suggestions and feedback. We would like to share some of the ideas we have gathered for the vision of the Zappa- Museum here: The ZAPPA MUSEUM will be the world's largest physical meeting place for interested people, freaks and fans and will offer the world's largest interactive exhibition about life and act of Frank Zappa including coveted collector’s items, CDs, vinyls, flyers, concert posters and much more. Collectibles can be bequeathed to the museum and placed in trustworthy hands. A “Zappaquarium” serves as a starting point for the resale of collectibles that have been submitted several times, the proceeds of which are to be credited to the museum.
"We don't want a museum where you can't touch anything and you almost fall asleep," said one of the initiators. The design of the museum will therefore be as exciting as diverse. It is intended to offer a mixture of interactive and haptic elements that allow visitors to immerse themselves into the world of Frank Zappa through agile, changeable digital modules. Not only physically, but also digitally, it shall be possible to take a short tour of the museum through virtual glasses and also to experience the history of the Zappanale.
The newcomers’ fear of Zappa as “the one who sits on the toilet'' should be taken away by a simple, catchy introduction to the topic. The path leads away from the personality cult towards his position as a symbol for creative development, guitar legends and epochal movements by other creative minds, musicians and individualists. Thus Hamburg’s Katharinenkirche will get its stage with its classic
Zappa-interpretation. Many interested parties have offered in local and international circles to advertise upcoming donation or crowdfunding campaigns.
An important educational mission
The idea of offering Zappa-music-workshops for children and school classes and Adults to introduce them to musical education was also very well received. Musicians and artists can convey educationally relevant content and lessons in a variety of ways, such as rhythm, free interpretation, songwriting, music management, experimental music, multitrack recordings and more. These workshops aim to give young people the opportunity to experience music in unconventional ways and to develop their unique creative abilities.
The musical aspect will not be neglected either. Live events and concert videos will be shown in the museum. A studio on the upper floors could be set up for high quality exclusive concerts, recordings and tiny desk concerts and tribute bands from all over the world can contribute here. But how do those who have hardly any points of contact manage to experience this unique space? For this purpose, a future tour with mobile exhibits and workshops could bring Frank Zappa's vision closer to a broad younger audience in southern cities and invite them to Bad Doberan.
The ideas are inspiring and manifold. The Frank-Zappa-Museum will no doubt be a place that will delight fans and newcomers alike. It will be a place that honours Frank Zappa's diversity and artistic greatness, and also offers space for new inspiration and creative encounters. The development of the fundraising concept is in the starting blocks and the vision is becoming more and more tangible. With the support of Zappa-fans, music lovers and creative minds from around the world, this museum will become a place where the uniqueness of Frank Zappa lives on forever. Donations are always welcome. With enthusiastic collaboration, the Zappa-Museum in Bad Doberan will be a place that brings people together, inspires and preserves the fascination with his music and vision for generations to come. Do you wish to join?
Feel free to answer the following questions and send your contributions directly to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1. What other ideas, inspiration and feedback do you have? 

2. What is your big vision? 

3. How would you like to get involved? 
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