Retrospective - Zappanale #13

Zappanale #13

You had to wait a long time... finally here it is!

Enjoy the retrospective of Zappanale #13!

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Zappanale 13 - 2002

Rock stars up close

This year's Zappanale had a lot planned. Lots of bands and stars were invited, the program extended to three days, and a play was offered. Thanks to Frank Zappa, about 1500 people gathered to listen to his music, to exchange ideas, to buy records, swap or guess what, dammit, a record was playing...

The Zappanale was a hit
The festival, small and fine, one with a special touch.
Daniel Rohr and the "Neumarkt" theater in the Bad Doberaner Kamp already gave performances on Thursday -Theater the play "Everything about Frank" (there was a repetition on Friday for all latecomers). The one-person piece with lively band accompaniment and participation sparked a super good mood. Daniel Rohr in the leading role was completely convincing.

The simplified Zappa songs sparkled with ironic comedy, which Daniel Rohr combined perfectly with the lyrics, translated into German with a wink, to create lively situations. He sang, whispered, talked and screamed - the hilarious piece knew how to carry the audience away. (Unfortunately, the piece is no longer played in Zurich, the troupe has split up, the last two performances were given at the 13th Zappanale.)

On Friday the festival grounds were packed like never before.
Right away the first impression spoke of professionalism. The big stage (not yet set up for many Zappanals), technology, site plan, toilets, showers, security, merchandise tent, doctor and staff headquarters.
-> from year to year the Zappanale becomes more perfect

The coveted record stands were set up, and a large number of snack and beer stands provided refreshments. The small stage, on which music was played during the breaks in the main stage, was far enough away from the main stage. A colorful circus tent with tables and chairs offered space for a number of freaks. All the "trappings" were stress-free and very inviting.

On Friday at 3 p.m., Jim Cohen, self-proclaimed zappalogist, gave a German-language lecture on FZs poetry, this year it was "Roxy And Elsewhere". Jim Cohen always delivers his presentation with an unbelievable amount of humour, rich in anecdotes and facets, so that one no longer remembers how much Zappa's humor was and how much Cohen's.

When the lecture ended after two hours, not everything had been said, the audience was spellbound - it could have gone even further Jim Cohen. His strange outfit corresponded to the ironic spirit of his lecture, first people looked question marks in the air - and then they grinned...

It started pretty much "on time" on the big stage. "Dwarf Nebula & The Playground Psychotics" from Germany had a hard time attracting the audience to the stage as an opener.

Jubilation broke out in the follow-up band "Cosmic Debris" from Hungary. The spicy pieces and fast-paced Zappa songs were of the very best quality. The band consisted of about 10 people, several horns and singers completed the rock lineup, all hell broke loose here, the auditorium was raging.

The big disappointment followed: Thana Harris/Don Preston/Mike Keneally quickly exited the stage after sighing ethereal jazz into the audience. Unfortunately, Mike Keneally, the great guitarist (Zappa: "the best new guy, I ever had in the band") went completely under here. Keneally took it easy and laughed out loud. "The most friendly guy we ever had at the Zappanale".

Thana Harris left and left only a few wet dreams when Günter "Baby" Sommer played his "EUPHORIUM_freakestra" on stage, a passionate, very crazy mixture of avant-garde free jazz and rather cracked rock set pieces. Very demanding and wild, but also very convincing. Above all, the young guitarist with blond curls, a deep voice and pretty self-confidence knew how to stage himself.

"Project Object" - the band around Ike Willis, Mike Keneally and Don Preston upped the ante. They gave a good and cheerful concert, at which Ike Willis partly acted like his former breadwinner.

Hopefully there will be a nice part of it on the upcoming Zappnale 13 CD. (You many video freaks, hear me: I need a copy of your recordings!). In the meantime it was night, the beer stalls were surrounded and the record dealers had their hands full.

Yes, and the next day we went into town, off to BadDoberan. The sun shone in bright Bavarian blue, a gnarled oak tree cast shadows, freaks from 56 nations died

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