Retrospective - Zappanale #6

Zappanale #6

You had to wait a long time... finally here it is!

Enjoy the retrospective of Zappanale #6!

Music is the best!

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Zappanale 06 - 1995

The time had come again at the beginning of August 1995 when a trek of strange figures set off from Sweden, Denmark, Holland, England, Poland and from all parts of Germany. The common goal was, how could it be otherwise, Bad Doberan - the home of the ARF-Society e.V. You ask why? ZAPPANALE # 6

450 fans traveled this year to hear the music of their "master" live. Even the greatest pessimist could no longer speak of provincial festivals. On the grounds of the Kornhaus in Bad Doberan, our No. 6 started on Friday, August 4th, 1995.

Meanwhile, it had proven to be very practicable to set the first full weekend in August of each year as a fixed date. Because God simply had to be a Zappa fan, or Frank has a very important say up there. In any case, he has never let us down and the merry month of August is very useful for that. But back to the most important thing, the music.

Unfortunately, due to enormous financial problems, we had to uninvite a band for the FIRST and ONLY time this year.

By the way, again SORRY Sheik Yerbouti and SORRY Zappa friends. Unfortunately there was no other way.

A lot of people talked about quitting, but the fans and the bands gave us the answer in their own way. What followed was a furious weekend without equal. As an event on Friday, the guys from the Hamburg band "CRUISIN FOR BURGERS" heated everyone up so much that the sad thoughts were blown away.

When the crazy Swedes "ARNIE FRUIT QUARTET" transmitted their joy of playing, we were once again a single family with 450 members.

My personal surprise then came with "STUDIO TAN".
I've seen it so far that fans ignored the band and just kept singing the intonated song. But never with Zappa Music. I think only a Zappa fan can understand my emotions.

That was actually the sticking point in our whole hangover. Despite all the problems, such evenings were not allowed to disappear from the scene, or rather from the cultural stage.

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