Opening:: Wednesdy., 12.7.2023 at 2 p.m., then daily from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.4:00 Uhr

Helmut King

We are looking forward to presenting you again a unique exhibition and are sure that you will be thrilled by the works.

Helmut King finally shows us his probably best known work: the Cigarette Box People. The Austrian artist disassembles or stacks cigarette boxes and composes from them partly Aztec, partly robotic creatures, which present themselves in object boxes or as free-standing structures.

He began doing this quite spontaneously 30 years ago, when he became interested in the structure of a cigarette pack. Dissected into its basic form, King immediately recognized a cubist male, which heralded a new cycle in his work.

More and more everyday objects such as crown or champagne corks, matchboxes or beer cans were integrated into the work. And King promises, „As long as bureaucrats keep enforcing new labels on cigarette packs, bottles, and cans, new generations of figures will come.“

Peter Görs

We welcome Peter Görs as another old acquaintance. In his capacity as „Urmutter der Zappanale“, editor of the Arf Dossier and as a musician, he has often been part of our exhibition. Now we present a side of this enfant terrible that is still unknown to most: painting.

Peter only took his first steps in this field in 2015, but it has since developed into a great, productive passion.

The artist experiments with different techniques, materials, styles and vibrant color palettes. The results are abstract works and idiosyncratic portraits, most notably of his idol Frank Zappa. Kinda art, kinda WOW!

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