Thursday July 13th, 23 - 5.30 p.m. - Warm-Up-Party, Mystery Stage

For the first time this summer, the warm-up party will be held on the Zappanale site, which also means, among other things, that live music can now be played here without restrictions.

BLANCK ZAPPATH were only able to deliver a 1-hour set last year and had to cut a lot of tracks from their set due to the schedule.

This year there is finally the green light for a "continuous pressure refueling" with numerous classics of the two namesakes of the band. The musicians from Stralsund, Leipzig and Berlin will be happy to use this opportunity to ensure plenty of party atmosphere in the audience again.

Music Is The Best!

Agnete Granitzka (keyboards, vocals)
Sven Schönfeld (saxophone)
Jörg Müller (trombone)
Stefan Bedu (guitar, vocals)
Stefan Berg (drums)
Jorn Bantow (bass)
Peter Görs (guitar, vocals)

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