Liberation Orchestra (AT)

Saturday July 16th, 2022 - 18:15 - Main Stage

The Liberation Orchestra is a unique crossover ensemble founded by composer Ron Oppenheim, who fuses Alternative/Progressive Rock, Classical music, Jazz and World music creating a new, powerful, dynamic and deliberately borderless musical terrain.

Oppenheim’s music and lyrics thereby carry a message inviting people to awaken to the possibilities of creating a new world, which is liberated from the now existing boundaries in acting and thinking.

The Orchestra, founded to liberate Ron’s compositions from the score sheet, is comprised of exceptional musicians from the Jazz, Rock and Classical music scenes in and around Vienna. Their self-titled debut EP was released in March 2019.

In their awesome live shows the 12 musicians provide a full dynamic range from solo piano to Big Band backed Grunge Rock... from tender, psychedelic wind textures to blazing Balkan brass lines and raucous guitars... from meticulously notated music to wild and free improvisations... a real thrill for an open minded audience!

The Liberation Orchestra is:

  • Ron Oppenheim:

    Composer/ Conductor

  • Christina Tschernitz:


  • Raphaela Viehböck:


  • Lukas Hageneder:


  • Hermann Fiechtl:


  • Shir Katz:

    Alto Sax

  • Maohl:

    Tenor Sax

  • Olga Shevtsova:


  • Valentin Walch:


  • Thomas Krampl:


  • Thomas Binder:


  • Georg Hinterberger:


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