Sunday July 17th, 2022 - 22:30 - Mystery Stage

DRH stands for "Dark Rock Hallucinogène" - like PinioL (Zappanale #29) they come from Lyon. Something good must be in the air in Lyon. But listen (read) yourself:

With its frenetic and fractioned mind, DRH carves the granit with laser. The iron hands rulling it do not hesitate to deviate its route in impetuous parables. Always sensual, slowly swift and darkly gloomy, the music of these four pranks guides you in a hovering and compelling journey where free energy flirts with lyricism!

With “Thin Ice” (debut album 2018), the guys from Lyon, manipulate the saxophone like a magic wand, creating a sound space that seemed lost since the 60’s. At once Progressive Metal, Jazz and definitely Experimental, their music is lyrical, subtle, twisted and enjoyable.

Meta-cosmic delusions, dreams under acid Burroughs style, superb flights like hallucinated opera, DRH could seem a catch-all if he did not master his subject so much.

DRH is like a daydream born of the crazy spirit of Franck Zappa, King Crimson and Periphery.

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