Blanck Zappath (DE)

Thursday, July 14th, 2022 - 19:30 - Klosterhof

In the course of corona-related live inactivities, a ZAPPNOISE rehearsal resulted in a completely unplanned musical trip to the realms of BLACK SABBATH.

And what started as a musical gimmick quickly formed unexpectedly into a first 4- and then 5-piece band. In the meantime, the entire ZAPPNOISE ensemble is involved and, depending on the occasion and booking, the set list is now being adjusted: as ZAPPNOISE with only Zappa compositions and as BLANCK ZAPPATH with a mix of the original heavy metal cosmos à la BLACK SABBATH plus the classics from Frank Zappa's pen.

At this year's warm-up party in Bad Doberan, the audience will be presented with excerpts from the current Zappa Sabbath mix set and of course the same motto applies to BLANCK ZAPPATH:

Music is the best!

Back row: Stefan Berg (Drums), Jörg Müller (Posaune), Svenja Heinrich (Sax), Sven Schönfeld (Sax), Agnete Granitzka (Gesang, Keyboard), Stefan Bedau (Gesang, Gitarre)

Front row: Peter Görs (Gitarre, Gesang), Kevin Nestler (Trompete, Gesang), Frunobulax (Stage-Dog), Jörn Bantow (Bass)


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