Saturday July 15th, 23 - 12:00 - Exhibition

Tante Tofu presents:

The day Bach met Frank Zappa
- the hidden scene -

A year has passed since Tante Tofu performed their successful play at the Zappanale. Bach, who had been waiting in heaven for the true master for centuries and preferred to assume a female form there, finally met him: the genius Frank Zappa.

Together they tried to combine their music, resulting in wonderfully weird Zappa-esque baroque pieces and Bachesque Zappa pranks.

But the story is not yet told. After all, there was still the devil, who spun some intrigues outside of time and caused great chaos. And he seems to be involved again, because suddenly the Bächin and Zappa are in a strange environment, which is very similar to the exhibition rooms of the Zappanale. But that doesn't seem to bother them that much: full of vigor and madly, they immerse themselves in each other's worlds, wanting to understand everything in the other musical universe, which is so foreign to their own and yet so familiar.

The result is experimental works that bear both signatures, both in terms of composition and instrumentation. But pure Zappa and Bach pieces will also be heard.

The Tante-Tofu founders and veterans Christiane Seebach as Bächin and Andreas Steinhardt as Zappa, who have been playing regularly at the Zappanale since 2011, are letting the sparks fly this time with a minimal cast.

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