The Complete Adventures Of The Unrelated Sound Guy

Thursday, July 14th -13:00 - Am Markt 3

Film world premiere

Mikko Keinonen is a very wonderful Finnish filmmaker. He hired me last year to play the piece “Mating Dance” for the closing credits music of his film DUUS. [...]

After I did the song for his film, he said that he would like to shoot a video for one of my songs sometime. I’m highly delighted by Mikko’s visual sensibilities (he’s gotten some artistic inspiration in his work, visually, from “Monty Python & The Holy Grail,” which is one of the most divine-looking and best films of all time AFAIC), so I was pretty darn jazzed about this. [...]

I now call your attention to The Complete Adventures of the Unrelated Sound Guy, a short film by Mikko Keinonen, based on five songs from my upcoming album. It is being created in Finland, far from my prying eyes. The concepts and visuals are entirely the work of Mikko. He’s already done a huge amount of work on it. I have seen some of the footage and it’s completely delightful. I’m entirely thrilled that this film will exist.
Mike Keneally

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