Die miserablen Husos / Die miserablen Duos (DE)

Thursday July 14th, 2022 - 17:30 - Klosterhof

Saturday July 16th, 2022 - 12:00 - Am Markt 3

Zappa auf deutsch, Zappa auf hessisch

Die miserablen Husos play the music of Frank Zappa. Is he still known? Yes? Good! Let’s go on. What's special about it? They provide the American composer's songs with their own lyrics. Sometimes German, sometimes Hessian, sometimes in combination. The handsome Bobby Brown becomes Robbert Braun, the average Hessian who sweeps the streets on Saturdays and the groupie song "Be a Crew Slut" becomes the dearly meant "Schmeiß die Blus' fort".

They play their shows all over Germany and inspire young and old - ok, mainly old - with their humorous versions of the master's songs. Gigs at the Heubacher Zappanacht and even at the Mosae Zappa Festival of our Dutch neighbors have made them what they are today: Another Zappa cover band.

Whether as a complete rock ensemble "Miserable Husos", as an acoustic trio for the dignified Sunday brunch or as "Miserable Duos" - they even convince onlookers who who have no clue about Zappa! But there is also a lot to offer visually, for example colorful suits. What more do you want? Come by and let us convince you! You can still regret it!

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