YES-Legende Jon Anderson mit der Paul Green Rock Academy (GB/US)

Performance of "Close to the Edge" in its entirety, along with other classics and surprises!

Fried Dähn and Thomas Maos have been musical companions for two decades. The two musicians are united by their passion for genre-spanning art forms and musical border areas. As artistic directors, they created the international CAMP Festival (Collaborative Arts and Music Project) in 1999. For more then 20 years, CAMP has wandered from Germany to other European countries as a kind of nomadic festival and was invited to the Venice Art Biennale in 2013.

In 2021 the two joined forces to start a jnew musical project as POTENTIAL and to record an album, which was released by flavoredtune in March 2022. Between Neopop, Newjazz and Experimental, the two sound artists let their imagination run wild and surprise with a mix of soulful ballads and experimental sound sculptures through to violently rocking and ecstatic compositions.

They come to the Zappanale with several guests. Yahi Nestor Gahé and Alexandra Mahnke present G-Spot Tornado, which was originally danced by LaLaLa Human Steps at the Ensemble Modern concert in Frankfurt in 1991, in a new, up-to-date choreography. And with Jonny König, who became famous almost overnight with his 'Stoiber on drums', who has been drumming with the Söhne Mannheims for the last few years and has now developed his very own electronic drumming style, they have one of the most innovative young drummers on board.


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