Det Skandaløse Orkester

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Band photo Sven Amundsen

Whenever a band with a name like this tells it's inspired by Frank Zappa (yes, there are a few others as well), you have to be alert. If one then is told that apart from Zappa, YES, Pink Floyd, 50 Hertz, comedy music from the mid-90s and the Bare Egil Band are among the sources of inspiration, this can only lead to one thing: chaotic madness.

Det Skandaløse Orkester comes from Bergen in Norway. Seemingly a city with a certain breeding ground for music. (Edvard Grieg, Kaizers Orchestra ...). In fact the band considers itself as „the best thing coming from Bergen since Edvard Grieg“.

The band was founded in 2011 and released their first album "„No Har De Laget Skandale Igjen!" in 2014 digitally, on CD and on vinyl. The current album - "Tenk om noen ser deg" which means "What if someone sees you" – was released last year (2018). If you listen to the albums, the statement about the sources of inspiration makes perfect sense. But it is not the chaotic madness. It's awesome controlled chaos, and a lot of fun.

All songs are composed by Sondre Jørgensen, keyboarder of the band. Titles such as "I'd fucking love to be on TV" or "A naked man was found in a trash can" could have come straight from Zappa's pen. There are also some similarities with Zappa‘s live bands of the 70's, in instrumentation with horns and melodic percussion as well as in the eccentric stage presence.

One of the stars of the band next to the guitarist Øystein Eriksen is "the party in particular" and therefore it was clear when and where Det Skandaløse Orkester will find its place at the 30th Zappanale: Saturday night, Mystery Stage. It will be loud, hot and tight ... on and off stage. We say: Party On!                                                      

Det Skandaløse Orkester:

Sondre Jørgensen: keyboards, vocals
Mats Erik Zen: vocals, guitar
Øystein Bech-Eriksen: guitar, vocals
Søster Pling: vocals
Jørgen Haugland: bass
Gjert Hermansen: drums
Morten Norheim: saxophones
William Grøv-Skramsett: trumpet
Nataniel Hjønnevåg: percussion

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Zappanale #31

17. - 19.07.2020
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17. - 19. July 2020
The Torture stops in 150 days!