Rumbling Polka and Potatoe Rock – Das Provinztheater

Rumbling Polka and Potatoe Rock – Das Provinztheater

Zappa? – Nah! … zappaesk? – Nope! … Good mood? – Definitelyl!!!

The music of Provinztheater can be called in fine folk music, without having a bad conscience or treading on someone's foot. And yet Provinztheater is not playing folk music but very well music for the folk. Music to which the folk has to listen to, come hell or high water.
What can we expect from Rumbling Polka and Potatoe Rock, two musical styles which can't be classified in any possible way and which have been invented from the theatre?

The seven friendly musicians are rumbling affectionately and stylistically at ease with tuba, accordion, string bass, power guitar, cowbells and the beast at drums all over the place - and directly into the hearts and feet of their audience. Pawel Kowalczik is directing the theatre with a harsh voice and is driving the audience to the peak. The energy and enthusiasm of the guys transfers into the heads, arms and legs of the visitors.

Besides music the word "theatre" is more than an ornament. Orchestration has always been a part of Provinztheater and will always be. The play with identities, roles and expectations will be carried to extremes.

Somewhere between the humor of Monty Python, a snapshot of dadaism, children's theatre and a pinch of Heino (german Volsmusik singer). There is no better way to describe this plurality than with the new attribute:  Hooray!

Pawel Kowalczik – the big shoot-the-bull
Franz Förster – the wire-rope-artist
Eberhardt Linde – the beast
Anton Stadler – the squeezer
Erik Falkner – the wandering-winder-knitter
Richard Duwel – the master-of-the-dark-stringsides
Ludwig van Bockum – the child-genius

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15. - 17.07.2022
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