Die Reise

Die Reise

In 2005 guitarist Christian Kuzio and percussionist and drummer Ronny Bruch founded a duo and called it Die Reise. Nomen est omen, and since then the two of them didn't act only as wanderers but also as intermediaries between musical worlds. Meanwhile Die Reise became a trio, and bassist Jan Soutschek isn't only completing the play of the band but he also is bringing forward the acustic possibilities.
Like the founding members he is a seeker, because one thing hasn't changed yet  – Die Reise is playing free music. The band is following the old wisdom of the freedom of the mind, adapting it in its play and is avoiding very beginning to set boundaries. Their focus is placed on live performances which can be seen at the same time as a compositional source. By expressing their feelings and personal concerns directly through their play they are demonstrating their search. Improvisation as well as linking the most different genres, stylistics and song structures are very welcome possibilities to reach the very last corner of mental states. The audience doesn't remain as silent witness of creation and idea but is also participating at the energetic search for the one moment. This moment can only be experienced by those who, like the musicians, get involved with a musical road trip where at the end one might have the answer to a question which wasn't  doubtful before.

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