Dichter-Wettbewerb 2022

Gewinner Platz 2

Stuart Skyes

Zappanale - Music Is The Best!

Live music is the best! I know we should have guessed,
But every Zappanale helps us put this to the test. 
With supergroups to thrill us and some crazy combos too,

The freaks, the fans, the Other People help make up the crew
Who flock back to the Rennbahn to enjoy the quirky fare
Served up for our enjoyment and our delectation there.
The smiles on all the faces, not to watch a day of races,
But to reconnect with Zappa folk in all our special places:
A photo with the statue with a ciggy in its lips,
Bad Doberan’s Exhibition Rooms, the place to pick up tips
Of who’ll be on the Main Stage and what time each show will start,
Which bands are on the Mystery Stage; and also view some art,
Since every year the Arf team give a wonderful display
Of Zappa memorabilia, rare treasures, and by day
Accoustic sets from several guests, or interviews as well,
A beer in Joe’s Garage with friends, and many tales to tell
Of previous Zappanales, Zappa bands and acts that you’ve been seeing
Since last year’s July buzz-fest reinforced your joy in being
With fans of the ‘bizarre’ and music quite outside the norm.
The first night, at the Warm Up, you begin at last to form
A plan for each day’s revelry as the festival unfolds
Which bands you’ll see, which ones you’ll miss, whatever each days holds.
A side-trip to the Ostsee, with a train trip on the Molli,
Or cycle-riding into town to keep fit, staying jolly.
The folks are all dressed-up now in their Zappanale gear,
With t-shirts lauding years gone by, or various costumes queer.
These all make up the special charm of this august event
From campervan or hotel room or even from your tent,
The main attraction surely is the music at the core
The sounds of Zappa brought you here and bring you back for more.
The Zappanale folk inspire you, you can willingly attest:
‘Information is not Knowledge, and that Knowledge is not Wisdom,
Wisdom is not Truth, and that Truth is never Beauty,
Beauty is not Love, and sadly Love is just not Music’;
Zappa fans all know the rest – which of course says ‘Music is the Best!’ 

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