The Arf Shop is closed!

Hallo Freunde guter Musik, Hello friends of good music, Der Vorverkauf über den Arf Shop ist geschlossen. Tickets könnt ihr online bei Hekticket bzw. an der Festival-Kasse kaufen.The pre sale is over, the Arfshop is closed. Tickets are available online at Hekticket or at festival doors. Arf Arf Arf


Buy your ticket online: either at the ArfShop or at our partner hekticket logo hekticket 272x53


Tickets for Zappa plays for Bach

Tickets for the opener in Hamburg gets her »» here ««


Besides festival tickets there are also day tickets available. They are valid on the day redeemed. We have discounted tickets for pupils and students, and when showing a valid social welfare note you can buy a "social ticket". If you are severely handicapped and have an official proof (identification B), then your assistant may accompany you at no charge. If you have a lot of friends or plan to make new friends: As always when buying 10 tickets you will get 1 ticket for free, when buying 20 two tickets, and so on.

Festival ticket:
X-mas special: 180,- € | pre-sales: 195,- EUR | doors: 220,- EUR

Day ticket:
X-mas special: 70,- € | pre-: 79,- EUR | doors: 89,- EUR


for pupils, students and apprentices from 16 years up to the age of 27 years - against proof when receiving the festival wristlet:

Festival ticket:
X-mas speciall: 79,- € | pre-sales: 89,- EUR | doors: 99,- EUR

Day ticket:
X-mas special: 30,- € | pre-sales: 35,- EUR | doors: 40,- EUR

SoCial Ticket:

X-mas special: 130,- € | pre-sales: 135,- EUR | doors: 160,- EUR

for persons who are dependent on social welfare benefit - with actual note regarding the date of the festival (only Germany) -proof is to be shown when receiving the festival wristlets


Children up to the age of 15 years as well as assistants for severely handicapped persons (identification B) - against proof




Prices include costs for parking and camping. We don't grant discounts for persons who won't use the parking and camping facilities.

Persons who use the campground without a valid Zappanale ticket will be charged a flat charge of 60 €.

Tickets with reduced prices are only valid when proof is shown (e.g. identity card or Hartz IV-note (Germany))when redeeming the ticket. If proof can not be provided the price difference to the festival ticket doors (220,- €) must be paid. If that's not wanted we reserve the right to press charges against the person in question because of deceit.

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Zappanale #28

14. - 16.07.2017
The Torture stops in -98 days!
20. - 22.07.2018
The Torture stops in 273 days!