Zappanale #29

Zappanale #29

Dear friends of good music,

Zappanale # 29 -

As in recent years, we will start the zappaesque weekend on Wednesday with the opening of the exhibition and on Thursday with the WarmUp Party on the Kamp.

We look forward to a zappaesque weekend with you

Wednesday – 18.07.2018

Opening Exhibition

At this year‘s exhibition we will present the comprehensive musical work of the Power Trio…

Thursday – 19.07.2018

Gabba Zappa Hey! (UK)

Gooble, gobble … Gabba gabba hey! … Gabba Zappa Hey! Almost 80 years ago, the…

Lutopia Orchestra (DE)

Soaked, passionately dirty, the Lutopia Orchestra plays a stylistic mix of funky blues, rock and…

Zappnoise (DE)

Clear the stage for the Zappa party! All Dancing Fools and Crew Sluts, get together,…

Bad Penny (DE)

Bad Penny's music is poetic rock'n'roll, mashed up with various folk elements such as Cajun,…

Friday – 20.07.2018

Tante Tofu (DE)

Tante Tofu MitNichten  (Avantgarde Rock from Hamburg and Northern Germany)   -> Information is not…


2012 was the year that a new, outstanding formation - Tatvamasi - emerged on the…

PinioL (FR)

PinioL (Dur et Doux - FR) is the lustful and strapping meeting of the seven…

Saturday – 21.07.2018

Jim Cohen (US): News behind the Frank Zappa Songs

Lindsay Cooper Songbook (UK)

ABOUT LINDSAY COOPER: Lindsay Cooper (1951-2013) brought the bassoon and the compositional techniques of 20th…

Alex’s Hand (DE)

Alex's Hand is a polystylistic avant-garde, experimental rock group centered around bassist Kellen Mills and…

Coogans Bluff (DE)

Over the years, the quintet has moved up in the scene and is undoubtedly one…

Sunday – 22.07.2018

Good Bye Session

Gabba Zappa Hey!

Gooble, gobble … Gabba gabba hey! … Gabba Zappa Hey! Almost 80 years ago, the…

Zappanale #29 Alumni

Denny Walley

He has been acquainted with Frank Zappa since childhood. Back then he was friends with…

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