Bands Zappanale #27

Finally it's time to let the cat out of the bag. The first contracts are signed and so we would like to keep you little by little up-to-date and tell you who will delight us at Zappanale #27. So... drop in here from time to time and check out the…

Tickets Weihnachtsspecial

Tickets könnt ihr online beziehen: im Arf-Shop und bei unserem Partner hekticket Zur Zeit bietet der Arf-Shop Tickets nur per Vorauskasse an. Bedenkt dabei bitte auch, dass wir Eure Bestellungen erst nach Zahlungseingang bearbeiten. Weihnachtsspecial Verkauf nur bis zum 16.12.2015 !!!

Tickets 2016

Alles zu den Tickets findest Du unter dem Menüpunkt TICKETS. Bestellen könnt ihr diese im Arf-Shop und bei unserem Partner hekticket. Der online Vorverkauf über den Arf-Shop hat begonnen. Redirect per htaccess

Growing Up Zappa

Bob Zappa Memoir Available for Pre-Ordering! Thank you all for your kind words about and interest in my new book, “Frankie & Bobby: Growing Up Zappa.” It is now ready for pre-publication orders here on my web site and it is currently in production. It has been a long journey…

Zappanale #26

Der Platz ist gefegt, die Aufbauarbeiten in vollem Gange und die ersten Gäste bevölkern schon das Sun- bzw. GreenCamp. An den Kennzeichen ist klar zu erkennen weswegen sie da sind.

Zappanale #27, 15. - 17.07.2016

Although Zappanale #26 hasn't even begun yet, Zappanale #27 is looming on the horizon.Changes in society - like introduction of minimum wages - are having an effect on cultural events, too. We wholeheartedly support the decision for minimum wages and are sure that you also see this as a positive…

„Zappa Town“ Bad Doberan

In addidtion to the exhibition „Penis Dimension“ Am Markt 3 there will be two more photo exhibitions in Bad Doberan. The photographers Reinhold Köstler and Raimond Ray Strauß are going to display their works around Zappanale in the Official Building of the administrative district Rostock and in the Red Pavillon…

We Are The Other People – 25 Years Zappanale

In celebration of the 25th Zappanale the ARF Society e.V. announces a colorful new large format book chronicling the history of the festival with over 1000 photos on 500 pages. Dieter Jakob, Robert Riedt and Burkhard Schempp delved deep into the roots of the Zappanale. How did the festival get…

Where's the beer? - Here's the DVD!

... the time has come at last! The movie about legendary Zappa drummer Jimmy Carl Black is now available on DVD! Official launch of the 500 DVDs will be on December 12, 2014, but registered BEER fans will get their chance ahead. On the DVD you will find bonus material…

Tickets 2015

All ABOUT Tickets Choose menu: TICKETS. You can order Tickets at the ArfShop or at out partner hekticket. [Update] The online presale on the Arf-Shop is closed. Tickets are available until 07/07/2015 in the cash sale office. Prices and information about the tickets in 2016 you can find »here«.

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Zappanale #30

19. - 21.07.2019
The Torture stops in 245 days!
19. - 21. Juli 2019
The Torture stops in 245 days!