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Dweezil Zappa: Headliner @ Zappanale #28

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Zappanale supporter 1C inversThis year we managed to convince Dweezil Zappa to join our festival. This is an awesome homage to Frank Zappa, his music and his compositions, his complete works.

And there are more excellent artists who are coming to this homely region at the baltic sea, year in year out, enwrapping us into a phantastic atmosphere with their music, here at the oldest race course on the European mainland.

These performances wouldn't exist without private engagement. If you want to support us, click  »here«.

music ist the best


[UPDATE] Moon Unit Zappa is GUEST AT Zappanale #28

Due to scheduling reasons Moon Unit had to cancel her announced visit at Zappanale in 2017.

music ist the best

Moon Unit Zappa is GUEST AT Zappanale #28

We are very delighted because besides Dweezil Zappa  Moon Unit Zappa is going to honour Bad Doberan, too. The "Valley Girl" will visit the festival as a guest and will answer your questions during one of the scheduled interviews. We intend to perform two Q&A sessions in the Kamp cinema and in the exhibition. More information will follow soon.

music ist the best

Dear „Other People“ and everybody who wants to join us.

What we were dreaming of at Z#27 will turn into reality at Z#28. Dweezil Zappa is headliner of Zappanale #28 which will take place from July 14 to 16, 2017 at the racecourse of Bad Doberan (Germany).

After Patrice "Candy" Zappa-Porter, Bob Zappa and Stanley Jason Zappa we are happy to welcome the next family member, Dweezil Zappa, as guest of our music festival which we are hosting in honor of his father Frank.
To all of us a long-cherished wish comes true and we are proud to announce the attendance of Dweezil Zappa officially.

Since yesterday the complete program of Z#28 is confirmed and in the next weeks we are going to give you more information in detail here at this place.

Look forward with us to Zappanale 2017.

Tickets with x-mas special price will be available only until December 16, 2016. The regular pre-sales will start in January 2017.

music ist the best

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Zappanale #28

14. - 16.07.2017
The Torture stops in 19 days!
14. - 16.07.2017
The Torture stops in 19 days!