Denny Walley

He has been acquainted with Frank Zappa since childhood. Back then he was friends with Frank's brother Bobby and sometimes they listened to the band rehearsals. He has also known Don Van Vliet and Jim Sherwood since then. He started his own musical development in the early 70's at Geronimo Black, the formation of ex Mothers Jimmy Carl Black, Don Preston, Bunk Gardner and Ray Collins. Evidence of this collaboration, which existed for two years, is the only album Geronimo Black from 1972. In 2008 a compilation named Welcome Back with demos, studio and live recordings has been made available via download.

In 1975 he joined Frank Zappa and the Mothers as guitarist on the Bongo-Fury-Tour. His old mate Don Van Vliet, by now Captain Beefheart, was very impressed with Denny's singing and guitar play and so he asked him if he would like to accompany him on his tour in the US and Europe. This was the beginning of a two years lasting liaison, and unfortunately only very few material exists from this time. Merely the track „Hoboism“ and the original recordings of „Bat Chain Puller“ bear testimony to the Blues which Denny brought into the Magic Band.

In the fall of 1978 and spring of 1979 he toured again twice with Zappa. Furthermore he participated in the recordings of Joe´s Garage and You Are What You Is and he can be heard on the album Tinseltown Rebellion and other live compilations.

After Zappa's much too early death Walley continued to play music. With several formations (Mats & Morgan amongst others) he made Zappa's work living on. In 1997 his CD Spare Parts was published, and besides Suicide Chump and Bamboozled By Love he recorded also pieces from other artists who influenced on him. This CD is considered an outstanding Blues release.


Inventionis Mater feat. Valentina Ciardelli & Napoleon Murphy Brock – Zappa spielt für Bach, Hamburg, St. Katharinen

Tickets for the kick-off in Hamburg you get »» here ««

The program once again includes works by the exceptional composer Frank Zappa (1940-1993) and Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). But also pieces by Baroque and contemporary composers such as Igor Stravinsky (1882 to 1971), specially prepared by the chamber music trio. All of this on acoustic instruments largely "unplugged", matching the delicate acoustics of the main church St. Katharinen. A special evening of the new Italian chamber music - musica da camera.

Valentina Ciardelli, was born in 1989 in the Tuscan Pietrasanta near Lucca of a German mother and Italian father. Initially a pianist like her mother, Valentina started to study double bass graduating with Honours from the "Instituto Musicals L. Boccerini" in Lucca in 2014. She continued her education in London as a "master of performance" at the Royal College of Music until 2016. Ciardelli has won several awards i.a. with the "Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra", the "Gran Teatro Giacomo Puccini", the "BBC Symphony Orchestra" and the "Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" in London. Last year she formed a quartet with the vibraphonist Benjamin Boo (The Untouchables) from Singapore and the duo Inventionis Mater from Florence. Both groups have already performed in St. Katharinen. "The music of Frank Zappa," says the arranger and interpreter, "has occupied me since long ago."

Pierpaolo Romani, born in 1987, was born in the Tuscan province of Siena and studied clarinet at the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory in Florence. After further education and master class at the music school Fisole he was engaged in the Italian youth orchestra and the Orchestra Regionale Toscana. In addition to a diploma in computer science, he specialized in bass clarinet and was taught by several interpreters of major orchestras in Rome and Milan. Together with the guitarist Andrea Pennati, he founded the duo "Inventionis Mater", which has performed at various festivals and foreign engagements.

Andrea Pennati, born 1985 in Tuscan Arezzo, studied classical guitar at the conservatory Luigi Cherubini in Florence and the music school in Fisole. As a representative of the younger generation of guitarists, he has already won numerous awards as a soloist and chamber musician. At Zappanale 2017 Dweezil Zappa commented on the performances of the "Inventionis Mater" in the preceding years: "I appreciate the effort that goes into the interpretation. Nice, weird musical duo ".

Napoleon Murpy Brock, as surprisingly as Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Hamburg with his troops in 1806 and unkindly parked the horses in St. Katharinen, now the musical Napoleon joins this year's "Zappa plays for Bach" concert as a special guest. As a Zappa alumni, Napoleon Murphy Brock had already helped shape the first concert of this series 10 years ago together with the US group Bogus Pomp. Give him a warm welcome...


Opening Exhibition

At this year‘s exhibition we will present the comprehensive musical work of the Power Trio Warren Cuccurullo / Patrick O’Hearn / Terry Bozzio. Do you remember Duran Duran or The Missing Persons? … Are included. As well as Warren's collaboration with Arthur Barrow and Tommy Mars in a Free Jazz formation. Terry's discs in cooperation with Herbie Hancock, The Knack, Jeff Beck and Tony Levin (just to name a few) will also be on display here. Patrick’s work with Ravi Shankar, John Hiatt or Richard Marx shows you that he did not only appear on Zappa discs or solo releases.

A real highlight will be Bill Gubbins’ photographs: He shot images of Frank Zappa during the Hot Rats recordings and compiled them for a book. The photos are so far unpublished and we are already very excited.

Artist Olaf Roesler exhibits some of his large format pictures under the motto "Great Googly Moogly in Oil".

Since we are celebrating a small anniversary with the tenth exhibition, we are also holding a review of the sad, the bizarre, the funny, the amazing...

The special events have firmly established themselves on the smallest Zappanale stage. Thursday’s fun from the Warm Up party will get a sequel on Friday with Gabba Zappa Hey! Friends, it's getting loud, fast and "really zappaesque". Afterwards, Fried Dähn will calm us down again with his cello.

On Saturday, you will have a chance to ask Pauline Butcher questions and listen to her stories. Pauline was Zappa's secretary from 1968 to 1972 and founded the fan club "United Mutations". Anecdote on the sidelines: Zappa hired her because of her utter ignorance of contemporary music. When he found out she was asking Eric Clapton what kind of instrument he was playing, she got the job. Afterwards it will continue musically ... let us surprise you!

On Sunday, after their performance with Fried Dähn & Skin of Clazz, Jogi Nestel and Klaus Küting will perform excerpts from their duo concert program with small equipment: Marimba with a small drum set and tenor steel pan. Of course, a little Zappa will be included in the program too. Then you will get the chance to listen to one of the well-founded lectures by Frank Wonneberg. He closes our special event program as every year.

We are looking forward to seeing you at these eventful days at Markt 3, in the center of Bad Doberan. The doors of the exhibition will open on Wednesday at 2PM for three hours. Thursday to Sunday, the exhibition is open from 10AM to 2PM, admission is free.


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