Journey / Accomodation

Journey / Accomodation

You decided to come to the Zappanale for the first time in your life? We are looking forward to seeing you and would like to give you some advice.

A lot of our guests incur exertions and are visiting us from all over the world.

You are one of them and arrive by plane? Then you want to arrive either at Hamburg or Berlin (Tegel/Schönefeld) from where Bad Doberan can be reached best. By train you will travel approx. 3-4 hours.

In Rostock (ca. 50 km near Bad Doberan) there is a small airport which is frequented mostly from domestic airlines.

You arrive by train:

It doesn't matter if your journey starts inHamburg, Berlin or Bratislawa: The right decision is direction Rostock. There you need to change for the regional express direction Wismar, which stops in Bad Doberan, where you should get off the train.

From there you have several possibilities: A tradition is the Molli Train which stops directly at the festival grounds. Or you try to get a ride from one of the Zappanale fans; you can meet them at the Zappa monument or the nearby supermarket; both locations can be reached in 5 minutes from the railway station.

Driving your own car:

Your car navigation will lead you to the race course of Bad Doberan (54.124677,11.869512). If you don't have satnav: Leave the motorway A20 in Bad Doberan and then follow directions Bad Doberan/Heiligendamm.

  • from Hamburg/Hannover:
    A1 direction Lübeck, at interchange Lübeck follow A20 direction Rostock, exit Bad Doberan
  • from Berlin:
    A19 direction Rostock, at interchange Rostock follow A20 in direction Lübeck/Wismar, exit Bad Doberan

At the first big trafic lights in Bad Doberan take the right lane to Kühlungsborn/Heiligendamm and you will pass the Frank Zappa monument (approx 100 m after the crossroads).

The race course is located on half between Bad Doberan and Heiligendamm. You need to pass the festival grounds - it's easy to identify if you are not the first person there - and at the next roundabout you need to take the last exit. Then it's time to switch into live-music-mode.

If you prefer to travel comfortably seated on the rear bench you can search for a ride either at the  Community or at

At the festival grounds you need to decide where to put up your tent: Suncamp or Greencamp? Both have its advantages. There's more light at the Suncamp during the day, and the Greencamp is darker at night. The on-site guides may help you to find the right decision.

Normally the camps are equipped with sanitary facilities from Wednesday to Monday. Please take a look at the announcements.

You prefer sleeping in a real bed? There is a lot of accomodation available in Bad Doberan and the nearby area. Because Zappanale takes place in summer and in a popular vacation destiny it will be a good idea to be an early bird.

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Zappanale #28

14. - 16.07.2017
The Torture stops in 19 days!
14. - 16.07.2017
The Torture stops in 19 days!