BOGGAMASTA - Flat Earth Society & David Bovée (BE)

FES was founded in 1998, when no-nonsense artist, former architect, clarinettist, saxophonist, keyboard player, composer and producer Peter Vermeersch, wanted to explore new horizons after having convinced music lovers all over the word with Maximalist! and the cult legend band X-legged Sally. Vermeersch, who worked with international artists like Josse De Pauw, Wim Vandekeybus, Vincent Bal, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Fred Frith, The Simpletones and Jazzwork from Berlin and wrote music for the Arditti Quartet, Prima La Musica and the Smith Quartet, assembled a pack of inspired and inimitable muscians, forming a big band which has nowadays become much more than just a big band.

The music of FES, varying from strictly written sheet music to liberating improvisation, is 95% homemade. Streaks of music of other composers are used as inspiration, frequently arranged, adapted and integrated into FES compositions, adding a wide range of atmospheres and styles to the eclectic FES universe. FES, who dares to flirt with other disciplines as theatre and film and owns the ability to seduce a number of different audiences, from more select jazz listeners to a wild young rock public, is at its best live on stage.

David Bovée was the first FES guitarist from 1999 till 2003. After four years he left the band to develop his own project "Think of One" (BBC Radio 3 World Music Award in 2004 and 2007). Whether they worked with throat singers from Greenland, Gnawa musicians from Morocco or Brazilian virtuosos, they achieved an exciting melting pot of music. David knows the Maracutu, Frevo, Ciranda and Coco music through and through.

World music was never really Vermeersch' thing, but when ‘Theater aan Zee’ (TAZ) invited both men to embark on a project with an ensemble of Gambian musicians in 2013, the experimental urge couldn’t be ignored. They traveled to The Gambia where they lived and worked with local musicians for several weeks. 

They didn’t have to look hard for inspiration. In The Gambia, they saw the country leader Yahya Jammeh parading the streets of Banjul. The escort consisted of a number of hummers and majorettes, in uniform and with batons. As a proper dictator, he literally sprinkled money on the streets from one of the hummers open roof. The "Boggamasta" (a corruption of the Dutch word ‘burgemeester’, which means mayor) considered himself almighty, would rule for a billion years, and did not shy away from killing political opponents or prosecuting homosexuals.

It would be unfair to focus the Boggamasta story only on African countries or The Gambia; Boggamasta’s are everywhere, In politics, in crime, at the petanque club, in the music world, in the economy and let’s face it, also deep inside ourselves.

Bovée and Vermeersch went to work, wrote numbers and came up with raw and critical lyrics, instruments and cast were adapted: An exuberant repertoire, direct, energetic and frenzied music: feverish, delirious and groovy, and lots of electro!

FES will perform the Boggamasta project with David Bovée and songs from the Zappa tribute project ‘Terms of Embarrassment’.


David Bovée (electric guitar, vocals & electronics), Peter Vermeersch (bassclarinet, vocals & electronics), Pierre Vervloesem (electric bass), Kristof Roseeuw (double bass &violin), Peter Vandenberghe (keyboards & piano), Teun Verbruggen (drums & drumpads), Wim Segers (percussion), Berlinde Deman (tuba & vocals), Benjamin Boutreur (alto sax), Michel Mast (tenor sax), Bruno Vansina (baritone sax & flute), Bart Maris (trumpet), Thomas Mayade (trumpet), Peter Delannoye (trombone), Marc Meeuwissen (trombone), Marti Melià (tenor sax)


Tante Tofu (DE)

Tante Tofu MitNichten
 (Avantgarde Rock from Hamburg and Northern Germany)


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Core line-up:
Christiane Seebach - vocals, wind controller
Andreas Steinhardt - guitar, vocals
Boris Schegene - bass
Oliver Specht - drums
The information about die Besetzung des Begleitchors "MitNichten" ist not knowledge. 


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Is Tante Tofu the wife of Uncle Meat? The kinship not only shows in the fact that Tante Tofu plays the music of Uncle Frank. Even their own songs, sung in German, do not stop at clichés or at crossing borders. Sometimes it sounds like hard rock, sometimes jazz, sometimes pop, sometimes free improvisation. At Zappanale, the current program "Sauerkraut" will consist of Zappa music and original material in equal shares.


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Tante Tofu was founded on August 16, 2009 at Zappanale #20 with the aim to join this circle of illustrious bands. The plan did work: with their oratorio "Carl-Heinz" Tante Tofu already enthused the audience at Zappanale #22.


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The genre diversity of Tante Tofu also shows in collaboration with other bands. Tante Tofu has played with Doctor Nerve (avant-garde rock from New York), Vogelfrey (medieval rock), [soon] (dark-rock), Nico Brettschneider (songwriter) and The Ricky Kings (rock).


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Much has changed since their performance at Zappanale #22. The core line-up, consisting of Christiane and Stoni, was completed at the end of 2016 by drummer Oli, who played for decades in successful session bands and, among others, in the rock band "Die spitzen Päpste". Bassist Boris, who is established and well-known in the ska and jazz area joined the band in mid-2017. This year the line-up will be completed by the accompanying choir "MitNichten", which will be good for some surprises.


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"The beautiful, bare backs of (presumably) two band members decorated Tante Tofu's poster, it's certainly an eye-catcher and perhaps the most photographed subject (next to Zappa's beard) of Zappanale #22." (Ingo Saager on

"Fun was also the inventive show by TANTE TOFU, who devoted themselves to the topic of ZAPPA with their revue in their own way." (Burkhard Schempp in "We Are The Other People")

"The Carl Heinz show with German lyrics, peppered with plenty of show elements and social criticism, was well received by the audience and the band was very responsive to the audience. We have become curious about this band ..." (Ingo Saager on germanrock. de)


-> Music is the best. <-

"The modern day composer refuses to the!" (Uncle Frank)

"Ich will Sonne!" (Tante Tofu)


Coogans Bluff (DE)

Over the years, the quintet has moved up in the scene and is undoubtedly one of the fixed points in the "retro rock area". The band’s joy of playing is audible every second. Excessive songs offer space for every musician. You can hear this clearly on their current album "Bluff Live": They are more powerful, wilder and more playful than in the studio. This fun in performing, the power, the cool breaks, the crisp brass sets bring them back to the racetrack.

Back? Yes, because they have been here before. It's been five years since they rocked the Mainstage. It's time for the five guys to play Bad Doberan again. Should actually work, because they even rocked the time-honored Wembley Stadium in front of a sold-out "house". And two years ago, they enthused the audience at the Woodstock Forever Festival.

If you can not wait, visit one of their concerts this spring:
01.02.2018 Fulda, cultural cellar (DE)
02.02.2018 Munich, Feierwerk (DE)
03.02.2018 Lucerne, Hothouse (CH)
10.02.2018 Warsaw, Warsaw Prog Days (PL)
16.02.2018 Stuttgart, Goldmarks (DE)
17.02.2018 Garching, Altes Sudhaus (DE)
01.03.2018 Dresden, Groovestation (DE)
03.03.2018 Hanover, Lux (DE)
15.03.2018 Cologne, Sonic Ballroom (DE)
16.03.2018 Bremen, Magazinkeller (DE)
17.03.2018 Leuven, Sojo (BE)

Bass - Clemens Marasus
Vocals - Clemens Marasus, Charlie Paschen, Max Thum, Stefan Meinkin
Guitar - Willi Paschen
Keys - Max Thum, Stefan Meinkin
Drums - Charlie Paschen
Others - Max Thum (saxophone), Stefan Meinking (trombone)


Bad Penny (DE)

Bad Penny's music is poetic rock'n'roll, mashed up with various folk elements such as Cajun, Celtic, Gipsy and Blues, presented with explosive energy. The musicians represent their philosophy through their fascinating charisma and can inspire the audience with their passion for music and let the spark fly.

Bad Penny's path led through Britain, Ireland, Holland, France and through numerous cities in Germany. From the open air to the small club - with fantastic nativeness and due to their numerous stage experience Bad Penny knows how to present an unforgettable event to its audience.

Ola van Sander: vocals, guitar, dobro
Axel Hennig: vocals, bass
Peter Möller: piano, keyboards, accordeon, organ
Matthias Dankert: guitar
Ulf: Jacobs drums


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Zappanale #28

14. - 16.07.2017
The Torture stops in -369 days!
20. - 22.07.2018
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