Zappy Birthday Mister Frank (FR)

Zappy Birthday Mister Frank (FR)

ZBMF for Zappy Birthday Mister Frank is a French Tribute Band dedicated to the music of the great American composer Frank Zappa. We put up this rockin' teenage combo with my old friend Manu Eveno (also guitarist and singer in the famous french band Tryo) for the Jazzin'Cheverny Festival (Loire Valley France) in 2014 because we're both deep fans of F.Z. music since we are teenagers...

ZBMF had different configurations and different musicians or guests along the years... We will be 7 musicians to perform and 1 sound engineer in Bad Doberan:

Guitar and lead vocals: Manu Eveno
Drums: Vincent Milleret
Guitars: Drayen Labie
Bass: Remi Viala
Lead and backing Vocals: Mohamed Nechnech
Keyboards and vocals: Arnaud Gravet
Percussions and more: Stéphane babiaud
Sound engineer: Fabius
Management: Tof for Complot Art

It's a treamendous honor for all of us to perform in the legendary Zappanale for the very first time, most of the fabulous musicians of F.Z played there, Magma played there, King Crimson also...

So it's a very special concert for ZBMF and we will do our best to honor Frank Zappa's Memory at this occasion. We play various stuff from 68' to 88'with the band... Instrumentals, classics or not from Joe's garage, YCDTOSA , Apostrophe, Buffalo, Sheik yer Buty, Hot rats, Roxy and elsewhere...etc...

ZBMF already opened for Banned From Utopia in 2014 and Manu was the guest of Dweezil Zappa and ZpZ on their last show in Paris in October 2015.

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Zappanale #30

19. - 21.07.2019
The Torture stops in 275 days!
19. - 21. Juli 2019
The Torture stops in 275 days!