Bad Penny (DE)

Bad Penny's music is a unique journey through the world of folk rock - from Blues, Polka, (Kosaken?) to Cajun and Zydeco, all with a rock'n'roll band's power. Especially popular are Eastern styles that they integrate into their music.

By a large Open-Air-Festival or in an intimate cosy pub Bad Penny always gets close to its audience with a powerful and dynamic mix of Folk, Rock, Cajun and Blues.
Their concert tours have already taken them to France, Ireland, Holland, Great Britain and of course across Germany. They called themselves Bad Penny after the song written by the famous Irish singer and guitar player Rory Gallagher.

Ola van Sander:  Vocals, Guitar, Dobro

Axel Hennig: Vocals, Bass

Peter Möller: Piano, Keyboards, Accordeon, Organ

Matthias Dankert: Guitar

Ulf: Jacobs Drums


Bad Penny

Bad Penny, named after a song of blues rocker Rory Gallagher (RIP), is, according to the  „Yorkshire Musik Live“ magazine the most popular foreign band of northern England.  Peter Möller (accordion, piano, keyboards), Ola Van Sander (vocals, guitar, dobro) and Axel Hennig (vocals, bass) are living in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and are on tour with more than 100 concerts per year.

The band is playing contemporary folk rock with multifaceted folk elements like Cajun, Celtic, Gipsy and Blues. Their songs are deeply connected with the celtic nordic tradition. Bad Penny is performing poetic rock'nroll with explosive energy and passionate drive. The influence of  Rory Gallagher (they dedicated their  CD „Return to the G-Man“ to him, exclusively with Gallagher cover versions) is characteristic. With their already proverbial nativeness and stage experience Bad Penny is known for presenting an unforgettible event to the audience.

Great to see you again at this year's WarmUp-Party at Kamp!


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The Torture stops in 215 days!